Strategic Relationships

At MTS we are proud of the close strategic relationships we have forged with our clients and partners.

Our clients and partners share our passion for delivering quality innovative products and services.

We are a client focused organisation. In fact ‘Delighting our clients’ is the first success measure on the MTS Charter. Furthermore MTS is still working with clients we started with in our first year of operation

MTS provides training services to a long list of organisations. Our clients come to us from diverse industry sectors and regions of Australia. Our strength is built upon our reputation for excellence and supports MTS’ claim to be one of Australia’s best known and well respected training organisations.

Our Strategic Partners include:



Defence was one of our first clients in 1994, and MTS has continuously provided training services to Defence ever since. Over the years we have been on numerous Defence Learning and Development panels and are currently on the Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel.

Our most popular courses delivered for Defence are in the fields of Procurement, Financial Management and Project Management training. One of the most important services we provide to Defence is the conduct of Recognition of Prior Learning for those members who are transitioning out of Defence. MTS team members are also embedded in Defence providing training development support services.

MTS develops eLearning courses for Defence.  In addition, we have produced multi – media items to enhance Defence training including videos, 3D graphical representations of equipment and animations. We have been engaged by Defence to analyse, design, develop, review, and deliver a wide range of other courses to address their specific requirements.

The wide range of contracts MTS maintains with Defence allows us to keep up with the changes that are constantly taking place within the Department.  In turn, MTS is then able to circulate that information to its Consulting Team which means they are all kept up to date with what is happening in Defence.

Many of the members of the MTS team hold current security clearances enabling them to quickly, efficiently and effectively deliver services.  In addition, MTS has team members located across Australia and is very experienced at conducting training either on or near to Defence establishments.

MTS has been able to develop excellent working relationships with many Defence organisations including the Defence Finance Group and CASG.

Procurement Training

MTS has been delivering procurement training to Defence personnel and contractors since 1998.

For many years MTS was the largest provider of procurement training to Defence. This has included simple and complex procurement courses as well as specialist short courses. MTS currently delivers a range of non – assessed procurement courses to Defence personnel including Developing and Evaluating Tenders, Negotiation Essentials and Contract Law Essentials. We also offer the nationally recognised PSPPCM003 Procure goods and services course which is ideal for Defence members seeking the competency for simple procurement delegations.  Our course is tailored to the Defence procurement environment.

On behalf of CASG, MTS developed and delivers introductory training in the use of the ASDEFCON suite of contracting templates as well as Contract Risk courses such as the Technical Data / Intellectual Property course. This training is also accessible by Defence Industry.

While MTS offers generic deliveries of the PSP40616 Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting, PSP50616 Diploma of Procurement and Contracting and PSP60616 Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting, we also deliver courses tailored to meet the specific requirements of Defence in terms of content, structure and delivery timing.

Financial Management Training

For many years MTS has developed and delivered a wide range of financial management learning programs for Defence. These have included programs targeted at specific Defence requirements as well as generic programs, assessed and non-assessed programs. The courses have included the Defence Administrators Financial Management Awareness course, the Army Resource Management course and Senior Officers Financial Management courses. We have provided learning at the SES / Ministerial level all the way through to induction courses.

Most recently MTS developed and successfully delivered the Finance for Seniors Leaders program as part of the Defence and Strategic Studies Course. After a very positive delivery the course has been modified and is being made available to senior officers in a two day block. We have recently begun the design and development of a Financial Management for Projects course.

Project Management Training

MTS provides the BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and the BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management to CASG personnel. MTS also delivers a three day Fundamentals of Project Management (nationally recognised UOC BSBPMG430) course. We also deliver CASG’s own Project Controls course, a three day non – assessed program.

Recognition of Prior Learning

When uniformed members leave the Defence Force they have a wealth of knowledge and experience, unfortunately this is not readily understood by prospective employers. Working with the Defence Education, Learning and Training Authority (DELTA) MTS assesses that experience using evidence that includes job descriptions, performance reports and Defence course outcomes to provide fully documented assessments for the Defence RTO to issue civilian VET qualifications these members have rightfully earned.

Embedded Support

The significant demands made on Defence mean that additional expertise and support is sometimes required when designing and developing training continuum and actual training itself. MTS has a number of consultants working side by side with Defence personnel in these roles.

Multi – media and eLearning

MTS has developed a number of highly interactive, engaging eLearning courses for Defence in areas such as risk management, capability life cycle and FOI. We also develop multimedia items to enhance existing Defence training, these include videos, animations and 3D graphical representations of equipment.

Papua New Guinea Defence Force Training

Through its contacts with the Australian Defence Force, MTS was engaged to develop and deliver Minor (Simple) and Major (Complex) Procurement courses for the PNG Defence Force. This was very successfully delivered for five years; MTS was also engaged to assist in re-developing the PNG Defence Force Procurement and Contract Management Handbook.



FutureTrain is a wholly owned Australian company specialising in interactive multimedia training solutions. Together, we collaborate to deliver high quality, interactive, custom built training, and information programs to our clients. All of our programs are available online as eLearning applications or as stand-alone CDROM/DVD based multimedia programs.

Like MTS, FutureTrain are passionate about what they do and are the leaders in their field within Australia and South East Asia.

Department of Finance (Comcover)

MTS is Comcover’s strategic learning partner. Working together we have developed the Commonwealth’s Risk Management Learning Strategy. As part of this strategy, MTS actively continues to design, develop and deliver a range of Risk Management learning products to the whole of the Commonwealth Government.

The Comcover Education Team won the award for Leading and Building Risk Management Capability in the ‘Develop Self, Develop Others’ category at the Department of Finance Australia Day Awards.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and the Advocacy Training & Development Program (ATDP)

Having provided DVA with internal learning support for several years, MTS was successful in winning the role of RTO for the ATDP. The ATDP is very important for Australia’s veteran community, providing training and development for the advocates that represent veterans and the welfare officers that support them. MTS has assisted the ATDP in having their programs nationally recognised by ASQA, conducting large scale RPL activities, restructuring and developing new courses and administering the program. The MTS Team is very proud to have a role assisting Australia’s Veterans.

Panels, Standing Offers, and Accessible Contracts

Many of our clients access MTS products and services through panels and standing offers.  To become a panel member, MTS undergoes a rigorous vetting process. The result of  which reduces time, risk, and cost, to the recipients of our training services.

List of Panels, Standing Offers, and Accessible Contracts

MTS has arrangements in place with the following clients for the provision of training and training related services. These arrangements may be accessible by other clients.  Please contact us for further information in this regard.


Department of  Defence Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel SON3485107
Numerous existing Contracts including Training design, development and delivery (face to face and online); Recognition of Prior Learning; and onsite Training Advisory Support services
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources DISER Learning and Development Services Panel SON3408303
Existing contracts in place for the design, development and delivery of face to face, facilitator led online, and eLearning training solutions for numerous Agencies
Digital Transformation Agency Digital Marketplace Panel – Approved supplier of Training Solutions
Department of Finance Comcover Member Services – Provision of Risk Management Learning and Development Solutions open to the Whole of the Commonwealth
Department of Veterans’ Affairs Education and Training Services Contract –
To partner and support the accreditation of military advocates in the military advocacy course
Services Australia Contract for the Provision of Education and Training Services
ACT Government (TCCS) Contract for the provision of Contract Management Training Services
NSW Government NSW Department of Industry – Performance and Management Services Scheme
NT Government AGC22-0112 Training Services Panel Contract
All Centres/Across Northern Territory for a range of training services and categories including accredited, non-accredited and bespoke courses.

Procurement and Contract Management Learning and Development Panel – QGP002-2018
Includes design, development and delivery of face to face, or Virtual Instructor Led Training(VILT) and eLearning training solutions for government agencies throughout Queensland. Access to the panel has recently been granted to South Australian and NSW government authorities.
SA Government Procurement and Contract Management Capability Development Training Provider Panel (TF21D03239)

LB327 LGA Training Services Arrangement.

MTS is a pre-qualified supplier approved to deliver a range of training services and categories including accredited, non-accredited and bespoke programs.  Access is open to all Queensland Councils, Queensland government entities as well as Local Government Associations in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Local Government Procurement (NSW) Contract for the Delivery of Accredited Procurement and Contract Management Training (Certificate IV; Diploma; and Advanced Diploma)


Our ability to deliver interesting, relevant and informative training in response to an organisation needs is frequently remarked on.


We have been helping individuals, businesses and government agencies reach their full potential since 1994.

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