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The Word - October 2013

Is it just us or is this year going faster? It’s already October so we’d better get moving for our Christmas issue or the year will be over. And with Director, Martin Dutton lined up to be profiled for our final newsletter of the year, let’s see if we can (a) get some words of wisdom on what 2014 will look like for MTS and (b) get him in a Santa suit – too much? Maybe just a Santa hat then. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. As always if you have any comments or suggestions email us here.


The Catch Up

Lets get going…what’s been going on this quarter?


Well to be honest, it’s been a bit of heads down and (ahem) bottoms up, with the team at MTS working hard and pushing through the work.


MTS has successfully completed our first training program with our first New Zealand government department, the Ministry for the Environment. The program was in Contract Management and Financial Management and has received excellent feedback as well as helped strengthen our relationship with this government department. This is now an ongoing contract until 2016 with one of our senior consultants Paul Barnes, leading that training in conjunction with David Hurrell.


Still in New Zealand, we are now working directly with Auckland City Council who has outsourced all their procurement training directly to MTS. This is a significant win for MTS and is a reflection of the professionalism of David Hurrell in both managing this relationship as well as delivering the training programs himself. This contract is locked in for 12 months, and we’re excited about what other agency doors will be open to us now, particularly due to the excellent marketing and exposure provided by the Council on our behalf. 


Martin Dutton has been working in Fiji recently running hugely popular courses in conjunction with CIPSA with more on this in Training Talk


David Williams and Janelle Newlyn attended a Supply Chain and Logistics conference in Brisbane in August, which proved to be an excellent forum for networking and helping to create a profile for both MTS Learning and MTS Solutions with potential procurement clients in Queensland.


We’re actually getting to know David Williams a little better in our In the Spotlight section this quarter. And if you want to find out more about our very capable Queensland based MTS representative Janelle then have a look here.


Our relationship with CIPSA is going from strength to strength with David Hurrell negotiating with CIPSA to provide exam revision training for students who are studying for the CIPSA exam. This will be at a diploma level with a global audience of students in Utah, London and Equatorial Guinea and will consist of a series of webinars.


Lastly, we have recently secured a new client Unity Water in Brisbane and look forward to providing them with procurement courses in the near future.


We also want to welcome Patty Maxwell to the team who is now handling client administration in Canberra.


Finally, with so many of our key people out in the field at various times during this quarter, it’s good to know our team on the ground is focused and capable to keep the business ticking along as normal during these periods. We take teamwork seriously at MTS and it pays off.


Training Talk


Lets talk first about Fiji – this quarter Martin was fortunate to be able to head to Fiji to conduct a training course at the University of South Pacific - Regional Centre for Continuing and Community Education which is a CIPSA client. In Martin’s words the courses were hugely popular and “packed to the rafters”, which means he’ll be heading back again to conduct more. The success of these courses is evidence of the growing collaboration and strong relationship between MTS and CIPSA.


MTS is also cementing relationships in New Zealand, with the new courseware developed for the Ministry of the Environment completed and delivered and a successful pilot conducted. Paul Barnes will soon be completing the steady state delivery of the program.


As mentioned earlier, MTS is now the preferred supplier of training for the procurement department of the Auckland City Council in New Zealand with our popular course – “Supplier Relationship Management”. The two courses offered are Contract Negotiation and Managing Suppliers, which have been customised for New Zealand.


We continue to build and grow momentum in South Australia with the South Australian Government workshop launched in an Advanced Diploma of Government Procurement and Contracting. This 9-day diploma course is targeted at Senior and Executive management and is modeled on courses currently operating in Queensland and NSW.


The Serious Bits


Each quarter, we’d like to fill you in with what’s been happening from a professional or legal perspective in our industry. This may affect you, it may not, but we’d feel better if we could put this important information in front of you and let you be the judge.


In our last edition we discussed the government’s plan to introduce the Unique Student Identifier (USI). We foresaw the possibility of the introduction being delayed because of the recent election.  As predicted, the discussion of the Bill in Parliament didn’t occur.  As a result, the implementation of the Unique Student Identifier scheme will not commence on 1 January 2014 as originally planned and has been postponed for another 12 months.


As we mentioned previously, MTS’ systems and processes to work with the USI are fully developed and in place.  We recognise the need to be able to identify people who have been issued Statements of Attainment and Qualifications so in the interim, we gather such information as is required to allow us to do that (with people’s permission of course!!!!).


In the Spotlight


This quarter, we’re talking with David Williams, our Business Manager in ACT.  As David has recently joined MTS, we’re excited by David’s enthusiasm and ideas for growing our business. We managed to grab some time with him in between tenders that he’s been happily buried under recently.


Watch out next quarter for our chat with Martin Dutton, and if there is anyone you deal with at MTS that you’d love to find out a little more about, why not drop us a line here and we’ll add them to our “target” list!


Out In the Field


Although it’s getting warmer and summer arrived in September in Sydney, at MTS we’re still enjoying the post premiership high of the Manly Bombers U16 Division 2 team taking out the Sydney premiership for the season under the capable and enthusiastic management of Martin Dutton.   We’re guessing that there was some enthusiastic singing of the club song at the end of this game … “See the Bombers fly up, up!
To win the premiership flag”. 


Spot the guy in the back row who is clearly not Under 16!




Not able to maintain the winning streak unfortunately have been the Sydney Swans, although making the finals has been a significant achievement given the injuries the team’s had this season. And of course waving the MTS flag enthusiastically at the Swans games has been David and Martin. 


And before too long it will be time for David to dust off his surf skis and head back down to the Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club for another season at the beach. At MTS, there is no “off season” when it comes to supporting our community!



Rounding up

It’s been another busy quarter, and some important foundations have been laid for the remainder of this year and into 2014, so we’re calling this one a win. Thanks as always for taking the time to read The Word and watch out for our next issue, next quarter.






The Word - June 2013



Has another quarter rolled around already? We’ve barely caught our breath from the last. Thanks for all your great feedback about The Word; we’re excited about having another way to keep in touch with you and to share with you what’s been happening at MTS. And please send any feedback or suggestions to us here. We aim to please!

The Catch Up

Where to start?

Let’s head to Queensland, because that’s where we’ve been busy recently. We’re very excited to share the news that MTS has established a presence in Brisbane and Queensland through a close working relationship with Carson Australasia. Carson is well known in the industry as a leader in delivering the TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE), the mandatory qualification for anyone delivering training. Our alliance with Carson means that we can recommend to our clients a high quality TAE provider and share our other services and expertise with Carson’s clients in Queensland. And better still, we’ve scored a coup with Carson’s Operation Manager for Queensland, Janelle Newlyn sharing her years of expertise and experience now with MTS. In fact we've profiled Janelle this quarter In The Spotlight and discovered some incredible facts about her professional background.  Watch out Queensland, here we come.

A warm welcome to Elizabeth Kearns who has joined the MTS Sydney office as our new Client Administrator with a focus on our important clients Railcorp, NSW Health and Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office (QGCPO). 

We’d also like to welcome David Williams, our new Business Manager in Canberra, who’ll be working closely with Alex Szabo as Alex transitions to a new role within MTS. We’ll share a little more about David and Elizabeth in the next quarter.

Existing staff changes are afoot as well. Many of you will know our very capable Administration Manager, Jenni Crawford, who is now focusing on our overall management system and strategy. And lastly with David now on board to manage the business in Canberra, Alex Szabo is rolling his sleeves up again and taking on more responsibility for running training programs and project management consulting for MTS. We’re talking with Alex about this In The Spotlight.

Phew, and apart from that….if that’s not enough, we’ve been managing our normal end of financial year rush, and as usual our MTS team is coping extremely well under the pressure. No surprises there though! 

Training Talk

We’re very excited to now be providing training in New Zealand, with MTS undertaking a major project for the Ministry for the Environment in Contract Management and Financial Management. This is ground breaking for MTS as it’s the first time we’ve had a large contract with a major government agency in New Zealand, and is down to the hard work of David Hurrell and our involvement with other New Zealand organisations including the Auckland City Council. With David leading the training in New Zealand through a mix of online and face-to-face while the NZ training team is established, we’re wondering how long before an All Black’s rugby jersey replaces the Sydney Swans jersey on our Sydney office walls. 

We’ve been continuing our work with the Power and Water Corporation in the Northern Territory, and recently put forward improvement programs for the Corporation that have been endorsed by the Board. These will be implemented in the second half of the year by our Northern Territory based team to improve their processes and reduce costs in procurement and contracting. MTS will be introducing new measures including category management to streamline and improve their procurement practice.

Lastly we’re continuing to update the NSW Government Procurement program, which is keeping our Sydney team busy.

The Serious Bits

Each quarter, we’d like to fill you in with what’s been happening from a professional or legal perspective in our industry. This may affect you, it may not, but we’d feel better if we could put this important information in front of you and let you be the judge.

This quarter it’s all about the trend we’re starting to see with the consolidation and amalgamation of RTO’s. With the endorsement of the new Training Packages Standards and Policies by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) in December 2012, a two-year transition timeframe has been introduced to ensure all training programs will comply with the new national standard. In short this means by 31 December 2015, all Training Packages will meet the new Standards for Training Packages. The purpose of the Standards for Training Packages is to ensure Training Packages are of high quality and meet the workforce development needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. And this is only a positive for the industry with consistency, quality and professionalism meaning a win for those involved in the training industry and for those clients employing our services.

What we’re seeing in the industry is that smaller, highly specialised RTO’s are not renewing their registrations. They are either amalgamating with others and sharing services and compliance costs, or closing down their operations, as they are unable to maintain the costly systems the standards require. This is likely to drive costs and, therefore, prices up while increase the risk of there being fewer suppliers to choose from. 

But there will be very few who don’t agree with the merits of having one national standard for our industry.

In our last edition we alerted you to the intention of Australian governments’ to introduce additional measures to track activity in the Vocational Education and Training sector (VET).  Patrick Magee, our Training Systems Manager has given you a little more detail here.

In the Spotlight

This quarter we’ve managed to spend some time with Janelle Newlyn which is no small feat considering how busy she is in the Queensland office. It’s interesting how when we dig a little deeper with our team, we discover all kinds of things about them that make us feel even luckier to have them on our team. And that’s just the case with Janelle. Have a read and find out more about our newest team member here.

We’re also chatting with a name you’ll know well, Alex Szabo.

Alex has been running the show as Business Manager in Canberra for the last 7 years. There aren’t many out there who have that mix of knowledge, smarts and are excellent practitioners, but Alex ticks these boxes. But times are a ‘changing for Alex, take a few minutes with Alex here and find out how. 



Alex lying down on the job, thankfully he’s not in the office!

Out In the Field

With footy season well underway, there are a few of us in the MTS team (no prizes for guessing who), who happily swap suits and ties for trainers and trackies, and get out there to support the Manly Bombers. With MTS a major club sponsor and Martin managing the U16 Division 2 team, we love giving back to the community through a shared passion for many of us. And with all the teams currently doing well, it’s looking like the season is going to be a cracker for the club. And we’ll be there right with them.



That familiar looking team manager looks happy with that Bombers tap.

Rounding up

It’s been a busy and exciting quarter, with staff changes and new opportunities both in Australia and New Zealand, we are focused and working hard as always. Thanks for taking the time to read The Word and watch out for our next issue, next quarter.




March Newsletter - The Word

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new quarterly newsletter, The Word. At MTS, we value the relationship we have with our clients and so we want to give a little of us back to you. We want to share with you what’s been going on in our world, tell you about interesting developments we’ve heard about or that have happened at MTS, and put faces to those voices and names you deal with regularly at MTS. We’re a team, and we think of you as being part of our team. This is as our way of having a virtual chat around the water-cooler (or a virtual beer maybe if it’s late on a Friday afternoon!)



The Catch Up

Is it seriously March already? This year we are off to a flying start. We’re on the charge, focused and excited about everything that’s planned for the year.




Like this? One of the team popped this on our whiteboard. We think it sums us up perfectly, and it had better not come down!


Training Talk

And because Training is our middle name, literally, we have to let you know what we’ve been up to with our training programs this quarter. We’re really excited about our Negotiation Master Class. This new course aimed at senior management is run by David Hurrell and Dr Stewart Hase and is not for the faint hearted. You’ll be challenged; you’ll be videoed and critically reviewed by your peers and us, and at the end of the intensive master class, your negotiation skills will be on fire. The gain at the end of the pain. (Ok we only put that because it rhymes, “the reward at the end of the challenge” is a little gentler). 


We’re also excited about our new Double Diploma program that results in the award of the Diploma in Government (Procurement and Contracting) and a Foundation Diploma in Purchasing from CIPS (Australasia). CIPSA is the Australasian division of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. CIPSA membership provides a comprehensive range of benefits designed to support members’ professional development, and help organisations achieve all-round excellence in procurement and supply.


Our Double Diploma program enables successful participants to have both an Australian and internationally recognised qualification and facilitates full membership of CIPSA. This new product and qualification was only launched in December 2012, so couldn’t be hotter off the press!

Interested to talk about either of these or any other of our extensive range of courses? Contact us here and we’ll be in touch soon.



The Serious Bits


Each quarter, we’d like to fill you in with what’s been happening from a professional or legal perspective in our industry. This may affect you, it may not, but we’d feel better if we could put this important information in front of you and let you be the judge.


And in fact recently there have been a new release of the Public Sector Training Package by the Government Skills Australia (GSA) Industry Skills Council. The Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) Industry Skills Council has also updated the Business Services Training Package


If you have people participating in training and assessment in any of the qualifications or units of competency from these recently updated training packages you should ask your training provider to assure you as to how the recent changes are being addressed in the services being provided to you. To find out more about the specific changes, please read more here


MTS is eagerly awaiting an update to our Scope of Registration to reflect these changes and we expect that to occur in the very near future. Subsequently any new enrolments with us will be in the new qualifications.


Lastly, you’ll no doubt be aware of the plans of COAG to introduce a strategy to track the participation of people in the accredited training under the Australian Qualifications Framework. We’ll have more on that in our next edition.


In the Spotlight



These belong to which one of our In the Spotlight stars? Clue: it’s Friday. 


You know that each quarter, we like to target one of our team and give them a good grilling on what makes them tick. This issue we’ve managed to get our Director David Hurrell, out of the board room and the surf, so he can share some insights into what’s exciting him at MTS this quarter. And as David is one of our founding directors and does hold many Facilitation prizes including the Bristow Award for Training Excellence, we tend to believe him. Take a few minutes with David here. 




We’re also chatting with our newest team member Kim Long


Moving to Australia only last year from her native South Africa, Kim feels like she’s found “paradise”. We feel pretty lucky too, as not only has Kim taken to her role as Client Administrator with efficiency and unquestionable expertise, but the energy and personality she’s brought to our team is infectious. Take a few minutes with Kim here.



Look at clever Kim; she’s wise enough to know NOT to stand in front of the Sydney Swans jersey. She’ll go far.


Out In the Field


At MTS we are Passionate, yes that is with a capital “P” about the community we live in. We also know that amongst our team we have a wealth of experience, expertise and passion that we can give back to our community. Over the years we have sponsored many community teams, events or individuals. And this year is no different. But it’s not just about opening our wallets or writing a cheque. It’s about being out there on a wet Saturday morning, putting up flags for a footy game, or lining up the kids for surf races in a howling southerly. Each quarter, you’ll see what’s been happening out in the field and that there’s more to MTS than just the professional side. This quarter we see the wind down of our summer involvement with Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club Nippers and with footy season kicking off soon, we’ve right behind the Manly Bombers again as we have since 2002. Watch for a run down in the next issue of The Word.


Rounding up our quarter, we’re working hard to make this a good year. We take “team” seriously and we’re proud that you’re part of our team. You know that our business wouldn’t be what it is without you, and we are completely committed to and value our relationship with you. Thanks for taking the time to read The Word and watch out for more next quarter.


We’ll always finish The Word with a word or two…
















It’s the time of year when it’s ok to hit “pause”, pop open a bottle of champagne, indulge in a fruit mince pie or two and reflect on the year that’s been and get a little excited about the year that’s coming. We’re going to share our thoughts with you in our final newsletter for 2013. As always if you have any comments or suggestions email us here.


The Catch Up

But first before we get into our own version of Christmas cheer let’s talk about what’s been going on this quarter?


After a busy period of preparing tenders by the team, things have been slowing down over the last few weeks of this quarter. Now we’re sitting waiting patiently to see how our bids go, with some very exciting ones in the pipeline that we’d love to get across the line. In fact we’ve been short listed for a whole of government contract for the provision of training for a high profile Commonwealth agency. We’re currently in negotiations and hope to have documents signed before Christmas. We’ll hopefully have some good news to share with you early in 2014. And wouldn’t that be an awesome way to start the New Year.


We’re also exited to announce that MTS have finalised the purchase of Carson Australasia and we’re now in the final stages of getting approval from ASQA for the transfer of the RTO. Carson’s are a well-known industry leader in delivering the TAE Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, the mandatory qualification for anyone delivering training. Through this purchase we extend the portfolio of training products offered by MTS, as well as share our other services and expertise with Carson’s existing clients in Queensland. Moreover, this purchase will give us a solid and reputable presence in the Brisbane market as well as a strong team under the leadership of Janelle Newlyn.


We’ve been working with the Defence Department to launch a new hazardous chemical training program. We have one of our new facilitators, Paul Southern, now qualified in that area and he’ll be running courses in Sydney, Nowra and Wagga Wagga in the New Year.


A new contract to prepare courses for internal procedures has also been secured with Veteran Affairs (DVA). This will be run out of the MTS Brisbane Office.


Another new contract secured for 2014 is with Transport for NSW (formerly Railcorp) for general management training, Certificate 4 Front Line Management.


We’ve also been working with the NSW Department of Health – HETI (Health Education Training Institute) for the last 12 months, and it’s encouraging to hear that their funding is continuing for the next two years and that they’re widening the amount of people receiving training. So we’re hopeful that we’ll continue to deliver that Financial Management training for their Cost Centre managers.


One of our tender bids has been to provide procurement consulting services out of Queensland and we’ve been putting together a team to provide that.  MTS has also been shortlisted to put together a procurement training strategy for the Pakistan government funded by the World Bank.


So it’s been a busy and productive time for the team this quarter. We think everyone deserves a breather!


Staff changes include our admin support and student records coordinator, Margaret Bugledich, heading off travelling for 6-7 months so we’ll be looking for someone to fill her very capable shoes in her absence as well as finding a new home in the office for her when she’s back.


Training Talk


The Supplier Relationship Management training for the procurement department of the Auckland City Council has gone exceptionally well with almost full houses for the course run by David Hurrell, and excellent feedback received. This 2-day workshop is now a permanent training event on the Council’s intranet and they’ll be running the course quarterly.


The last module of the Advanced Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) will be held in February for the Department of Treasury and Finance (South Australia Government). This is an intensive Advanced Diploma course, which takes a year to complete and is the first Advanced Diploma to be run for the South Australian Government.


David Hurrell has also developed a Finance course and a Contract Management course this year for MfE (Ministry for the Environment in NZ). They have run two series of courses so far with Paul Barnes, from MTS, facilitating. We’ve recently received participant feedback and the courses are a huge success based on what’s been said in the feedback. MfE is one happy customer!


Lastly, MTS are in the process of becoming a CIPSA approved study centre, which further cements our relationship with them.


In the Spotlight


This quarter, we’re talking with Martin Dutton, Founding Director at MTS. Along with our other founding Director David Hurrell, Martin has built MTS from an idea formed on body boards in the waves at Freshwater beach, into the company MTS is today. So do have a read here


Out In the Field


It’s carnival time of the year for David Hurrell who is once again involved with the Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club for another season at the beach. As a “Friend of Freshie Sponsors”, at MTS we love to get in behind our local community, especially with organisations that contribute as much as the surf life saving clubs. And with David once again managing the U12 Nippers, it’s good to know he can roll up his suit trousers and get his feet wet to support our local kids.





The Year That’s Been


It’s been a mixed year for MTS – an election year and change of leadership always seems to create unrest and uncertainty for many of our clients in the government sector. However the fact that the company has continued to grow, to innovate, to expand into new areas has been both encouraging and exciting in this period of flux. And it speaks volumes about our people.


From May to November we’ve been frantic with tendering, and now it’s a case of waiting and chasing up these tenders and we’re very encouraged and positive that many of these will be successful


The acquisition of Carsons Australasia and our expansion into Queensland has been a big win for MTS in 2013. Carsons is rich with opportunity for us to diversify our offering and our customer base and do a lot more work through Carsons. And the caliber of staff who’ve joined our team as a result is making this deal look even sweeter for us.


This year has also seen the rise of the MTS Consulting arm of our business. With business slower than normal in the training side of the business due to the political instability this year and it’s impact on government departments and their training budgets, it’s encouraging that this is a grassroots skillset for many of our people, and we’re now growing and developing this capability to meet this new demand.


Breaking into the New Zealand market and forming such strong and encouraging relationships with our clients Auckland City Council and Ministry for the Environment has been a real win. We only see more strengthening of these connections and the opportunity for further growth here.


At a management level we’re confident we have the right people in the right places. With Alex Szabo earmarked to manage significant projects and David Williams now leading the way in Canberra, we’re very confident with our mix of leadership team and skillsets.


It’s been a challenging year at MTS but we’ve managed to keep our heads above water and have a lot of irons in the fire that we’re hopeful will come off. As a team we’re pulling together to keep our business strong and cohesive. And that gives us a lot of Christmas cheer to finish our year.


As so perfectly put by one of the MTS team:


"It’s been another satisfying year for our participants and clients and we’ve received great feedback.  The MTS support from Sydney and Canberra has been outstanding as usual and adds to the joy of working with a team of professionals."


Because that is really what it’s about – an excellent team delivering excellent services. We plan on doing more of the same in 2014.


So, from all of the team at MTS, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.




Recent Changes in Procurement and Contracting Qualifications


“You may have become aware that there have been recent changes to qualifications within the Public Sector Training Package. Particularly, you have become aware that qualifications within the training package have a new code ending in the number 12.


If you have recently completed or are nearing completion of a Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) you may be aware that the qualification in which you are enrolled has a code ending in the number 10. 


MTS would like to confirm that the training and assessment you are currently or have recently completed meets the requirements for the issuing of the newest coded qualification."


AQF - CIPS Double Diploma Program

MTS is pleased to offer this innovative program as both in-house and public programs.  Please see further information about program content and structure on the Public Programs page here. 


MTS Sponsorship update October:

MTS Dragon Slayers 

As a result of a last minute cancellation of support for this years annual Dragon Boat Regatta, we are proud to announce that Major Training Services (MTS) have generously agreed to support our Corporate Dragon Boat for the Regatta held at the Yarralumla Boat Club on the 22nd Oct as part of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Fund raiser. We are now officially known as “MTS Dragon Slayers”.


It is going to be a fun filled day with many clubs represented and we encourage as much support as possible to make this event bigger than what it was last year. We encourage you to support us through our on line donations ( My Cause), donations or just by being there on the day showing your support to many people with a common interest who have shared the heartache of knowing someone or caring for someone who has suffered from breast cancer. Friend, family member or co worker; cancer is not selective and will touch us all at some stage of our lives, so please show us your support so we can raise that much needed money that goes towards continuing research in finding a cure.


Thank you in advance for your generous donations to this worthy cause.


Final Update from MTS Dragon Slayers:


Second in the A final. Sweet as thank you so much. Trophy on it's way xxx awesome.






More news....................


As the economy warms up, more of our clients want to learn how best to improve individual and team performance.  MTS can support this with a suite of instruments, such as MBTI, that help teams and individuals get to know themselves better and improve their capability at work.  Teams and People

MTS is proud to support the Northern Territory Government's Indigenous Women's Leadership Development Program - Lookrukin.

MTS worked closely with Charles Darwin University to provide a week-long intensive Policy Development workshop in Darwin in late August 2010. The Lookrukin program is funded by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment and has been specifically designed to provide an opportunity for participants to gain the knowledge and skills nevessary to increase their effectiveness and improve their career progression. The workshop included a guided tour of Darwin's Parliament House, during which the party was acknowledged by the Speaker during Question Time. Photos of the workshop and visit to Parliament House can be viewed here -1,2, and 3.

MTS is responding to lots of enquiries in the fields of budgeting, project management and team development, as clients look for the best approaches to meet changed circumstances.

MTS is working closely with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Australia (CIPSA) to update our ability to offer pathways for our learners to gain CIPSA certification.  This will be of great benefit to procurement professionals.

MTS is growing our capacity to help with individual and team development through the use of leading psychometric instruments.