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Comcover Education Team Awarded

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The Comcover Fund Education Program took home the award for Leading and Building Risk Management Capability in the Develop Self, Develop Others category of the Department of Finance, Australia Day awards earlier this year.

As Comcover’s strategic Learning Partners, Major Training Services has worked closely with the Comcover team in the development of the blended learning strategy, as well as the face-to-face and eLearning components of this program. MTS is also responsible for the delivery of the face-to-face learning.

With this program having formed an integral part of the Department of Finance’s undertaking in promoting and facilitating best practices in risk management, we at MTS are proud of the work we have developed alongside the Comcover Education Team.

Below is the citation for the Department of Finance Australia Day Award:

Category: Develop self, develop others

For leading and building risk management capability - The Comcover Fund - Education Program.

Since 2014 the Comcover Education Team has led the development of an APS-wide learning program, aligned with the Australian Public Service Commission’s 70:20:10 approach to learning. The program is developed on a blended learning model and includes eLearning, peer-to-peer learning and on-the-job activities.

The program has had an impressive take up to date across the APS:

  • 3,782 people completing the foundation eLearning module – Introduction to Risk, from 72 entities since July 2014
  • The Generalist program – Practical Risk Management – More than just ticking the box commenced in February last year (2017), close to 200 people have taken part from 54 entities.
  • Over 240 SES officers have completed the SES Risk Management Professional Development Program – Not all superheroes wear capes: a strategic perspective to managing risk

Comcover participant feedback

Generalist program – before I came to the course, my knowledge of risk management was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. After this course the puzzle pieces form a whole picture for me.

SES program - A great format, good content, timely and relevant. Well worth my time and effort to participate. Well done.

This program has formed an integral part of the leadership role the Department of Finance undertakes in promoting and facilitating best practice risk management.

The introduction of the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy (Policy) provided a framework for entities to adopt a systematic approach to managing risk.

2014, Secretaries Board identified risk management as a Seemingly Intractable Problem in the APS. An APS 200 Group on Risk Management was formed to review the issue and provide advice to Secretaries Board on practical options to improve risk management in the APS.

Secretaries Board endorsed the development of a risk management learning program.