As a training organisation MTS Learning specialises in providing in-house learning services to government agencies and corporations.

Corporate Services

Learning Delivery

MTS Learning specialises in providing in - house training that is tailored to meet our client’s needs. This can be one of our nationally recognised courses, that is tailored to reflect a client’s internal policy and processes; electives selected to meet a client’s specific need; or the delivery being tailored to suit the client’s location and availability; or all of the above. MTS Learning can also deliver one of our generic, nationally recognised programs in a client’s location and at a time to suit them.

For example, MTS Learning has recently tailored our PSP40616 Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting to reflect the relevant process and policies in the Federal Department of Parliamentary Services and then delivered the program in a way that did not disrupt staff during parliamentary sitting days. Similar programs are also delivered for the Northern Territory Government.

The learning MTS can provide does not have to be nationally recognised. Many of our clients simply want their staff to gain knowledge/understanding about a particular topic, process or skill.

MTS Learning provides tutorial support, marks assessment activities and, for nationally recognised qualifications, issues certificates or statements of attainment for eLearning training. MTS can also host small scale eLearning programs but generally the eLearning programs we develop are hosted on a client’s Learning Management System (LMS). MTS has also assisted some of our clients to implement the Janison LMS. MTS Learning delivers ‘Blended Learning’, this is training that is part delivered online and part face to face.

MTS Learning also uses its team of facilitators across Australia to deliver our client’s own face to face courses; we have been doing this for the Department of Defence for over 20 years. MTS Learning will utilise client facilities or arrange learning facilities for our client, we can efficiently print and distribute training material anywhere in Australia (or overseas).

So if you need effective training delivered to your teams we can adapt to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

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Learning Design and/or Development

Often MTS Learning is asked to analyse a client’s need and then design and develop a course from a blank sheet, to meet those specific needs. In other instances our clients have done their own analysis and engage MTS Learning to design and develop their training. We have done this for most of our clients, at some point and for a wide range of subjects. MTS Learning will often go on to facilitate the training delivery, although sometimes the client’s facilitators will take over.

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Working with its partner, FutureTrain, MTS has been producing high quality, interactive eLearning for over 15 years. While in-house teams can produce basic eLearning using a number of commercially available tools that are well suited to short, simple programs. Once an eLearning course is developed using these programs you are then locked into using that same program for maintenance and updates. eLearning produced by these programs can lack dynamism and not really engage Learners, particularly on more complex subjects.

MTS Learning believes that eLearning is most effective when you have large numbers of people to train, often on a repeat basis. If your learners are widely dispersed the argument for eLearning is enhanced. In these cases, if you want your staff to embrace the learning and adopt different practices, then that message needs to come through the eLearning program. If the program does not capture the learner’s interest, then there is a good chance you won’t achieve your objectives and your investment is wasted.

Consequently, MTS Learning’s focus is on the higher end of the market. We build programs in HTML that comply with the international standard, SCORM, so these can then be loaded onto any reputable LMS, including MOODLE, and can be edited in very basic word processors such as Notepad (standard with all MS operating systems). We are able to incorporate high levels of interactivity and good quality graphics, as well as making extensive use of video and audio. Our eLearning programs will often use a ‘human’ guide to help students through the program; this is filmed using professional actors. We can make videos for inclusion in the eLearning and have even made short videos to summarise and remind students of the eLearning content. A recent program for a Federal Agency has been rolled out to all state governments and comes with three 10 minute videos.  The entire program has been widely acclaimed by all jurisdictions.

If you need high quality eLearning that is going to engage your teams, then MTS Learning can produce it for you.

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RTO Partner

Major Training Services can also act as an RTO for an organisation. This can involve working with the client to have specific qualifications recognised by ASQA, designing and developing learning programs, delivering and assessing learning programs, issuing qualifications and ensuring all the appropriate records are kept and reports lodged. MTS fills this role with the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) run for Australian veterans and their various member organisations. The ATDP is designed to ensure that the volunteers, providing veterans with advice on compensation matters and general welfare support, have the required knowledge and skills to do the job effectively. MTS has had a number of qualifications recognised by ASQA, assisted with course development, assessment and training delivery, while also issuing nationally recognised certificates and ensuring all quality standards are being met.

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Learning Partner

MTS has also partnered with agencies to assist them develop their entire learning program. MTS Learning is the strategic learning partner for the federal agency, Comcover. We have assisted them develop the learning strategy for risk management across the whole of the Commonwealth government; developed and delivered a range of programs including face to face and eLearning; and evaluated the training.

MTS’ focus is on learning, so any task you have that requires learning expertise we are ready to assist.

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Evaluation and Needs Analysis

MTS  regularly conducts reviews of existing training programs (evaluations) and produces a report on the training, which includes recommendations to enhance the training. MTS Learning conducts needs analysis for organisations wanting to determine what, if any, learning solutions they might require. These are variously referred to as Training Needs Analysis or the more wide ranging Performance Needs Analysis. They can be simple or large scale activities, involving extensive consultation and focus groups.

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Learning Administration

Some of MTS’ clients already have their learning requirements identified but need assistance coordinating the administration. This can include: scheduling courses and facilitators; booking venues; printing learning materials; arranging travel; consolidating evaluations, together with a wide range of complimentary services. 

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Nationally Accredited
In-House Training Courses

MTS has a number of Nationally Accredited Training courses on offer as part our in-house services, specialising in the areas of procurement and contracting, project management, and leadership.

Other In-House
Training Courses

Need to expand the capabilities of your team? MTS Learning has customised courses available on an in-house arrangment in several specialised areas.

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