MTS Mail: July 2016
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The Word - JULY 2016 -


Hi Everyone,

Can you believe that we’ve just kicked off a brand new business year? We’ve barely paused for breath over the last 12 months and we’re really excited about the next! The year so far has been a hive of activity for us here at MTS and Carson – we’ve seen changes, we’ve made changes and we want to take this opportunity to share it all with you.

As a partner and friend of MTS we want to keep you in the loop with our business, and add value to your business through our relationship as best as we can.

Thanks for your time,

Martin Dutton



Are you up with the play with the important changes that are happening with the TAE10 and the introduction of the new TAE16 qualification standards? If not then read more here. We’re ready for the changes and will continue to offer the same standard of quality courses and training throughout the transition - unlike other suppliers, but that's enough said on that subject!

Our Queensland business with MTS and Carson continue to hit balls out of the park. We couldn’t be more excited with how the operation is consolidating and locking in wins under the masterful leadership of Janelle Newlyn and her capable team.

We have loads to share about our new training and development courses and the success we’re having with clients DVA, The Australian Submarine Corp, Defence Finance Training, Australian Public Service Commission and our growing partnership with FutureTrain.

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The last year has seen some changes in our organisation with David Hurrell departing to explore new opportunities and David Williams relocating to Sydney to continue developing and strengthening our business relationships.

But we’ve found that with change comes the opportunity to focus on what makes us great as a team and this MTS team is determined, focused and excited – have you noticed the change in the air? We hope you have, because we feel it.

Finally and on a personal note, many of you may have heard that Kevin Riley (Financial Management Facilitator extraordinaire) has been quite ill and had a fairly serious operation in Canberra recently. The operation went well and Kevin is making a good recovery but there will be more treatment required over the coming weeks. For those who know Kevin, I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing him a speedy recovery.


Tori Stevens

We love to put one of our team in the limelight and this time the limelight couldn’t be more appropriate for our Carson team member Tori Stevens, for so many reasons!

Our IT go-to-guru Tori Stevens, harbours a not-so-secret passion for film making and when she’s not behind her desk at MTS / Carson Queensland, she can usually be found behind the camera or lighting on a film set. With Tori responsible for the relaunch of the Carson website, stay tuned for the exciting plans she has for the new MTS website.

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This is an exciting time for MTS and Carson and we’re looking forward to this new financial year.

It’s been tough for the industry over the last few years with many organisations viewing training as discretionary and, therefore, cutting back on it significantly. This has impacted suppliers such as MTS.

However, we’re encouraged to see the tide turning with many organisations understanding they need to invest in their people, in order to grow.

Our underlying goal will always be quality and that's something we’ll never compromise on at MTS – a quality program, with a quality delivery, ensuring a quality result for our clients.

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