The Word: February 2017
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The Word - FEBRUARY 2017 -


Hi Everyone,

With 2017 well underway, it’s time for us to pause, review 2016, see how this year has started and what’s ahead for us.

We had an exceptionally positive end to 2016 with the Federal regulator ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) giving us the best possible risk rating (out of six) for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Our team at MTS and Carson know that we can’t rest on our laurels, we have a busy and exciting year ahead of us and we have to keep working hard.

What is very encouraging is we have the right people in the right places, everyone has rolled up their sleeves and there is a shared attitude across the team of ‘let’s do this’.

As a partner and friend of MTS, we want to keep you informed with what’s been happening and what’s coming up for our business and include you on our journey for the year ahead.

So, take a few moments, and have a catch up with our team at MTS. And as always thanks for your time and your interest.

Martin Dutton



Are you up with the play on the important changes that are happening with the TAE10 and the introduction of the new TAE16 qualification standards? If not then read more here. We’re ready for the changes and will continue to offer the same standard of quality courses and training throughout the transition.

The only way to describe the last few months of 2016 in our Queensland office, is ‘hectic’. We think of it as ‘the perfect storm’ when many quotes and tenders that we had out on the market, were successful, resulting in an influx of projects and significant increase in workload.

As in any ‘storm’, it was ‘all hands-on deck’ and we were very fortunate that training facilitator, Jonathon Brough joined the team during this time and could quickly step up and assist Sam Clarke and Janelle Newlyn.

We have plenty to share about the success we continue to have with clients, DVA, The Australian Submarine Corp, Royal Australian Navy Training Authority, Australian Public Service Commission, Comcover and our partnership with FutureTrain.

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A new year can often signal career changes and fresh starts and MTS is no exception with several staff movements.

We’re excited to welcome to the team our new receptionist, Sue Mair, Training Consultant, Matthew McNeill and facilitator in our Queensland office, Jonathon Brough. On a personal note, we’re thrilled to have Kevin Riley, our Financial Management & Risk Management Guru, back on board full time and recovering well after treatment for his recent illness.

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Sam Clarke

Ever wonder how our trainers and facilitators remain so energised day after day? We’ve taken some time with one of our many training superstars Sam Clarke, to find out what makes her tick!

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Our last financial year has been focused on consolidation and putting the building blocks in place for growth. This year, all the indicators show we’ve got a busy period ahead – we’re signing new clients; existing clients are re-signing and we know many are planning and investing in more training than in previous years.

So, it seems fitting to describe 2017 in one word - ‘growth’ - we’re ready for it!

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