Why MTS Learning?

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MTS Learning has been delivering high quality procurement and contracting training programs for over 20 years.

Our highly experienced team of procurement and contracting practitioners and training specialists have designed, developed and delivered procurement and contracting training to commercial organisations, all three tiers of government, and state-owned corporations. We have therefore amassed a vast amount of training materials, including nationally recognised qualifications.

With a long history of contextualising our programs to client needs, MTS Learning is well qualified to develop and deliver any type of procurement and contracting training program to personnel of any level and indeed any level of experience.

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Our Services

MTS Learning Offers:

  • Training needs analysis; training design and development; training delivery; and evaluation services
  • Recognition of prior learning and current competence
  • A full administration service for delivering calendar training programs
  • Hands-on support in all aspects of procurement and contracting practice

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Short Courses

Examples of MTS Learning procurement and contracting short courses include:

  • Contract Law Essentials
  • Fundamentals of Purchasing and Contracting
  • Develop Specifications
  • Effective category management
  • Procure Goods and Services
  • Managing Supplier Relationships
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Manage International Purchasing
  • Plan Procurement
  • Managing Purchasing Strategies and the Supply Chain
  • Developing and Evaluating Tenders
  • Manage Contracts for successful outcomes
  • Establishing and Managing Contracts and Contract Performance
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Procurement and Contracting for Construction

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Complementary Training

We also deliver a wide range of complementary training programs, including:

  • Financial Management training, including Business Acumen, Effective budgeting, Accounting for Non-accountants, Understanding and Interpreting Financial Reports, Public Sector Financial Management
  • Tender Evaluation and Supplier Selection workshops, tailored to our client’s specific procurement and evaluation – get the planning right, and avoid those nasty surprises!
  • Grants Management training courses from approaching the market, through selection to acquittals (including the financial aspects!)

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Nationally Recognised Training

NRT logo 200MTS Learning can offer 4 highly sought after procurement / purchasing and contracting qualifications:


We can also offer units from these qualifications, individually or in groups, to meet client needs. Particularly useful groups are the following Nationally Recognised Skills Sets:

  • Basic Procurement Skill Set (3 units at the Certificate II level)
  • Procurement Delegation Skill Set (3 units at Certificate IV level)
  • Foundation procurement Skill Set (4 units at Certificate IV level)

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Delivery Modes

MTS Learning programs and courses are typically delivered in-house and scheduled to meet our organisational client’s requirements, eg fully face-to-face, recognition or mixed mode (including on-line).

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Participants who have gained appropriate levels of competence through previous studies and work and life experiences may be eligible to obtain a full or partial qualification through a portfolio assessment or desk assessment.

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