What is it about?

Course Information
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Developing and evaluating tenders and quotations is a fundamental task in purchasing or procurement. Failure to complete this key activity successfully will almost certainly result in a compromised contractual arrangement. The process can seem confusing and hopelessly complex. However, MTS Learning have developed this program to remove the complexity and take participants through a step by step process to developing outstanding tenders with effective evaluation that will deliver highly successful contract outcomes.


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Who is it for?

All managers and anyone involved in purchasing by tender or quotation.


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Our Program

MTS Learning has designed a practical, learner led program that enables participants to develop tender documents and effectively evaluate them. Importantly the program uses simulations and scenarios to hone and develop your skills.

Our highly trained and experienced facilitators have many years practical experience in writing and evaluating tenders and quotations. This means there is real substance to the learning experience.

Over two days the program focuses on the following key aspects:

  • Understanding and defining the requirement?
  • Why go to tender or seek quotation?
  • Writing effective specifications
  • Developing a full request for offer
  • Planning the tender evaluation
  • How to evaluate:
    • quality
    • reputation
    • cost factors
    • technical factors
  • Managing risks in the process
  • Writing the evaluation report & getting sign off
  • Transition issues
  • Developing a procurement plan
  • Different types of tenders and quotations
  • Developing your evaluation criteria
  • Managing the request and receiving of offers
  • Evaluation methodologies
  • Making the evaluation process work
  • When and how to negotiate for a better deal
  • Informing successful and unsuccessful bidders
  • Review the process and ensure continuous


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What will I get out of it?

  • An understanding of the total tender and evaluation process
  • The ability to write effective specifications that meet user needs
  • The skill to develop the right evaluation criteria to select the best supplier
  • The information necessary to manage the request and receiving of offers process
  • The skill to select the right evaluation process and apply it effectively
  • The ability to select the right supplier to meet your needs.


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