Probity policies and probity audits are an integral part of procurement governance. Recent government corruption scandals continue to highlight instances of unmanaged conflicts of interest, bribery and facilitation payments and even misdeeds.

Procurement must be conducted with probity to mitigate risk and to enable purchasers and suppliers to deal with each other on the basis of mutual trust and respect and enable business to be conducted reasonably and with integrity. Achieving an ethical, transparent approach requires that the procurement rules be clear, open, well understood and applied equally to all parties to the process.

The workshop will look at what the misconduct and corruption risks are in procurement. As well as what can be done to prevent and mitigate them at a policy, management level and enhance efficiency to limit opportunities for staff to act covertly and with self-interest.

Issues will be presented in the context of real case studies, recent audits and investigations using local examples.


Course Length: 1 day


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