What is it about?

Course Information
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In our daily business activities we may have responsibility for purchasing or selling goods and services that result in a contract being formed. But what do we really understand about contract law and our rights and responsibilities in a contract? What legal and financial risks are we exposed to because of the gaps in our knowledge? MTS Learning has developed this program to provide the essential information needed by any person involved in the contracting process.


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Who is it for?

All managers and anyone involved in purchasing, selling or negotiating contracts.


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Our Program

MTS Learning has designed a practical interactive program to equip you with the key knowledge necessary to avoid common pitfalls and errors in contracts. Importantly the program uses simulations and scenarios to hone and develop your skills.

Our highly trained and experienced facilitators have many years’ practical experience in contract management and applying contract law. This means there is real substance to the learning experience.

This one day program focuses on the following key aspects:

  • The basis of contracts
  • The functions and purpose of a contract
  • Statute law & contracts
  • When and how is a contract formed and on who’s terms?
  • Elements of a contract
  • Matters affecting the validity & enforceability of contracts
  • Standard Form Contracts
  • Moving beyond standard form contracts
  • Terms and conditions in contracts:
    • applicable law & survivorship
    • payment & incentives
    • performance
    • intellectual property
    • liquidated damages
    • indemnity & waivers
    • insurances
    • novation and assignment
    • sub – contractors
  • Making performance really work in contracts
  • Concluding a contract:
    • discharge by performance
    • discharge by frustration
    • discharge by breach
  • Management & remediation of disputes.


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What will I get out of it?

  • An understanding of how and when a legally binding agreement is created
  • The skill to determine your rights and obligations in a contract
  • The information necessary to create effective terms and conditions that meet your need
  • An appreciation of your rights in discharging a contract
  • An effective approach to resolve contract disputes.


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