MTS is Australia's premier provider of procurement and contract training.

We provide a range of high impact procurement and contracting training options for both accredited and general training offerings. 

These programs can be delivered in the context of your organisation and its industry, including all government jurisdictions in Australia. We have over 65,000 successful participants of our programs who can vouch for their relevance, effectiveness and usefulness. At MTS we pride ourselves on our ability to take seemingly dry and difficult information and make it both interesting and simple to follow.

The key with all MTS programs is that they are developed individually for you as our client. There are no compulsory elements in our training, the programs we deliver are always contextualised to your organisation and seeks to meet your precise learning needs. This ensures our training delivers genuine results.

Our trainers are experts in their fields and possess excellent facilitation skills to ensure courses are informative, insightful, interesting and dare we say it... fun!




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