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As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Major Training Services Pty Ltd (MTS) has obligations and responsibilities. Below you will find general information about your participation in a Major Training Services learning and / or assessment program, our obligations to you and your obligations to us and your fellow learners. Further information can be found by downloading our Learner Handbook.


Legislation and regulation

We are obliged to conduct ourself in accordance with a range of laws, regulations, policies and directions from the national VET regulator – The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Below is a list of relevant legislation that we comply with, which is not exhaustive.

  1. Age Discrimination Act 2004
  2. Copyright Act 1968
  3. Copyright Amendment Act 2017
  4. Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  5. Disability Discrimination Amendment (Education Standards) Act 2005
  6. Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Act 2009
  7. Disability Discrimination Regulations 1996
  8. Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987
  9. Fair Work (Registered Organisations) ACT 2009
  10. Fair Work Act 2009
  11. National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011
  12. Privacy Act 1988 and subsequent amendments
  13. Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  14. Sex Discrimination Act 1984
  15. Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  16. Workers Compensation Act 1987
  17. Australian Qualifications Framework Second Edition 2013
  18. Application of the Australian Qualifications Framework Qualifications Issuance within the VET Sector National Skills Standards Council Policy Statement Version One dated March 2013
  19. Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015
  20. Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Logo Specifications ASQA June 2011
  21. Australian Skills Quality Authority General directions as maintained at

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Obligations, responsibilities and rights

Your obligations

As a participant in our program and a candidate for assessment you are required to:

  • Attend all sessions and record your attendance by signing the program attendance sheet that will be available on each day of your program - by doing so you are agreeing to abide by the obligations, responsibilities and rights described in this Handbook.
  • Participate actively in all program activities.
  • Treat all other participants and the Trainer / Assessor with respect and without discrimination, regardless of religious, cultural, racial and gender differences, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or socio-economic status.
  • Read all relevant course and training information.
  • If required, meet with your Trainer / Assessor to review your progress.
  • Prepare yourself for assessment at the scheduled times.
  • Submit all assessment tasks.
  • Ensure all assessment products are your own work.
  • Raise any concerns you may have regarding the delivery of the training program, session activities and your ability to learn with your Trainer / Assessor.
  • Notify the Trainer / Assessor of any Workplace Health and Safety issues you may identify throughout the program.
  • Follow the directions of the Trainer / Assessor or the training venue coordinator in the case of an emergency.
  • Advise us during your enrolment if you have any special needs or require any special adaptive equipment or support for the training course.
  • Participate in the course evaluation process.


Your rights

  • To be treated with respect by others, to be treated fairly and without discrimination, regardless of religious, cultural, racial and gender differences, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or socio-economic status.
  • To be free from all forms of intimidation and bullying.
  • To work in a safe, clean, orderly and cooperative environment.
  • To have any disputes in which you are involved, settled in a fair and rational manner.
  • To work and learn in a supportive environment without interference from others.
  • To express and share ideas and to ask questions.
  • To be treated with politeness and courtesy at all times.


Our responsibilities to you

MTS will:

  • Not limit access to training or act in any way as to discriminate on the basis of religious, cultural, racial and gender differences, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or socioeconomic status or any other criterion which is not intrinsic to good business management and professional training practice.
  • Make sure that you have a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Provide you with a description of the unit/s of competency associated with your program.
  • Treat you with respect.
  • Provide opportunities to practice the skills and apply the knowledge acquired throughout the program.
  • Deliver training and record the outcomes of your assessment.
  • Provide you with access to your learning and assessment record on request.
  • Provide training materials and recommend other resources for further learning opportunities.
  • Provide you with support in preparing you for assessment and advise you where, when and how assessment will occur.
  • Assess your skills and knowledge through observation and questioning using assessment tools developed for the purpose.
  • Give feedback to you on your progress.
  • Provide results and regularly review the assessment process after assessment.
  • Remind you of the appeals process and options for further assessments if you are unhappy with the results.

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It is your responsibility to submit your assessments on time using the agreed format and method.

The format and method will be described to you in detail at the commencement of and throughout the learning program.

You must submit assessments within the time frame described to you during the program.

Applications for an extension for submission of assessments will be considered on a case by case basis. Discuss your requirement with your Trainer / Assessor.

We are required by the National VET Regulator to retain your assessments for a period of 6 months. We strongly recommend you keep a copy of all assessments where possible, as we will dispose of them securely at the expiration of the 6 month retention period.

We aim to advise you of the outcome of assessment within 20 working days from the date received at our office. This turnaround time will not apply from 20 December to 26 January.

You will be assessed as either ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’. If you are assessed as Competent you will be issued a Qualification or Statement of Attainment (depending on the program in which you are enrolled).

If you are initially assessed as Not Yet Competent (NYC), you will be offered the opportunity to address the deficiencies in your evidence. If you are unable to provide the evidence required to support an assessment of Competence you will be advised of as such. The process for appealing assessment decisions is described later in this Handbook.

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Your Qualifications

MTS will aim to ensure that your Qualifications and / or Statements of Attainment/s are issued within 20 working days of you being deemed competent and all other aspects of the contractual arrangement between us, you and/or your employer are satisfied.

Your Qualification and / or Statement/s of Attainment will:

  • Be signed by the Managing Director of MTS.
  • Include the name, logo and national provider number of MTS, the Nationally Recognised Training logo, course code, a certificate number, and date of issue.
  • Identify you by name.
  • List the units of competency achieved.

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Collection of Information and Privacy

For service provision

So as to provide you with a quality service, including the accuracy of personal details contained in the Qualification or Statement of Attainment issued to you and to facilitate requests you may make regarding your training and assessment record, you have provided us with certain information through the MTS enrolment form which is used as our Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) compliant enrolment form.

The AVETMISS data you provided on the enrolment form is reported to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) as part of our RTO Registration requirements. As the custodian of the national VET administrative collections and surveys, NCVER collects and stores AVETMISS data in data centres within Australia using industry standard security technology. NCVER’s privacy policy can be viewed at

In addition to the above, MTS respects and protects the privacy of information provided to us by learners. Excluding NCVER and your employer, we do not release a learner’s personal information to any other third party without the consent of the learner and will:

MTS will:

  1. Only collect that information that is necessary.
  2. Give you access to the personal information we hold about you when requested.
  3. Keep your personal information accurate and up to date.
  4. Limit access to your personal information to those members of the MTS team that need it to perform their work.


For service purposes

As a RTO, we are required to provide information about the services we have provided to the National VET Regulator including the number of Qualifications and Statements of Attainment we have issued and information regarding the quality of your experience.

You will be invited to complete a Learner Questionnaire at the completion of your training and assessment. This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on your experience during an MTS training program and our continuous improvement. Statistics obtained from Learner Questionnaires are also provided to the Regulator.

We confirm that information provided to the Regulator will not contain any personal information.

In addition to the above, you may also be contacted by NCVER to complete an on-line survey about the training you completed for this program.


Our commitment to privacy

If personal information is accessed by a third party, whether by negligence or otherwise of MTS, its agents, suppliers, contractors, related bodies corporate, affiliates or associated parties, to the extent permitted by law, MTS is not liable for any loss, damage, costs, liability or other form of contribution.

Further information may be obtained on privacy issues in Australia by visiting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner web site at

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Accessing Your Records

If in the future you wish to access and/or correct any information held by MTS please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include a description of what information you are seeking as well as, where possible, the course in which you were enrolled and your employer at the time.

You will be asked to verify your identity and to provide certain information that will assist us in locating your records. We can, on request, re-issue a replacement Qualification testamur - cost on application.

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Complaints and Appeals Procedures

MTS is committed to providing you with a quality training experience and assessment service. The processes for resolving complaints and appeals have been included in our contractual arrangements with your employer and we have worked with your employer (our client) to create a plan that meets the organisation’s needs.

Should you wish to make a complaint about our service delivery or appeal against an assessment decision discuss this with your Trainer / Assessor first. We would aim to resolve any issues you may have immediately.

If your complaint or appeal is not resolved by the Trainer / Assessor through this informal process then raise your concerns with either your employer who will raise the matter with us, or directly to the MTS Administration Manager who will take the matter up with our CEO.

We suggest that you record the nature of your complaint or appeal in writing with as much detail as possible and that you raise your complaint or appeal within one month of the incident.

On receipt of a complaint or appeal from your employer we will acknowledge this in writing, review the circumstances around your complaint and work with you and your employer to achieve a satisfactory outcome.


Where a valid complaint is in relation to: MTS will:
The content of a course: Review content in conjunction with Trainer / Assessor and client.
An assessment decision: Have the assessment reviewed by another Assessor
Inappropriate behaviour of an MTS staff member: Investigate the matter and take appropriate action with staff member and inform you of the outcome.


MTS will provide you and your employer (where applicable) with a written statement of the appeal outcomes including reasons for the decision. If we anticipate that the review process will take more than 60 days we will acknowledge this in writing to you and / or your employer with an explanation of why this is the case.

If you wish, you may, after providing us with the opportunity to resolve your complaint, raise it directly with the National VET Regulator – ASQA. Information about how to do this is available at the ASQA website – ASQA will provide you with advice on what further action you can take.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the presentation by a participant of an assignment or assessment task that has been copied in whole or in part from another participant’s work, or from any other source (e.g. published books or periodicals or internet sites) without proper acknowledgment.

All assignments or assessment tasks must be your own work. Plagiarism is not acceptable and all suspected cases will be investigated.

There are numerous web based resources for learning how to reference your work correctly.

Consequences of plagiarism

Once a case of plagiarism has been proved, MTS may elect to take one or more of the following actions:

  1. Raise the matter with your employer.
  2. Record the matter on appropriate records.
  3. Mark the submitted assignment / assessment task with a zero grade and allow a resubmission.
  4. Mark the submitted assignment / assessment task with a zero grade and NOT allow a resubmission; and / or suspend the person from the program for a defined period of time up to and including permanent suspension.

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We offer Recognition as a pathway to the award of nationally recognised Qualifications. Depending on the arrangement we have with you or your employer, you may be given the opportunity to apply for Recognition prior to and / or during a learning program.

Recognition is a process through which we acknowledge your previously acquired Qualifications (in which case we may transfer credit for them to your current learning program) and / or your existing skills and knowledge acquired through you work and life experience.

If you are seeking Recognition as part of our services to you we will provide you with a comprehensive brief on how that process works and support you through it.

Contact your organisation’s course coordinator for advice on whether this option is available to you and how you would commence the process.


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Credit transfer

We offer Credit Transfer as a pathway to the award of nationally recognised Qualifications. Depending on the arrangement we have with you or your employer, you may be given the opportunity to apply for Credit Transfer and or Recognition prior to and / or during a learning program. If this option is available we will provide you with details of the processes involved at the commencement of training.

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Fees and refunds

We do not invoice individuals in advance of their training but will accept corporate payments in advance of training.

If fees have been paid in advance by your employer, it is acknowledged that the cancellation or deferment of a course enrolment is sometimes unavoidable, however, once an enrolment is made, some administrative costs will be incurred (individual circumstances will be considered).

If cancellation is received in less than 5 working days prior to session commencement, a 10% administrative levy may be retained. Where the course has commenced, no refund will be granted, however, we will offer transfer to a future or substituted course or part thereof, if possible. An administration fee capped at $150 will apply.

We can, on request, re-issue a replacement Qualification testamur - cost on application.

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